The Human Givens


Everyone is affected by stressful events and people these days. Some struggle to survive. We have emotional as well as physical needs that must be met in order to be balanced and healthy.

Some are as follows:

To be fundamentally understood and heard
Have security in relationships, work and home
Gain answers and completion
Have realistic goals and a sense of competition
To give and receive quality attention
Have love, intimacy, laughter, fun and privacy
Have sense of community and connection to others
Feel sense of purpose,creativity, stimulation and achievement

If just one of our needs are not met, this can create anxiety, depression, anger, insecurity and addictions.

Nature equipped us with rescources to meet our needs. Some of them are:

Creative attributes
Understanding of gender differences
Character traits, talents, skills

•Wisdom& Intelligence

• To understand and work with out ultradian rhythms (body clock)

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