Janette was recently invited to Northbrook College CPD event. She gave a talk on ultradian rythms & their effects upon learning & the capacity to process new information. Also the role Dopamine has in ADD & ADHD.

Janette held yoga & relaxation sessions which were all greatly received.

Some teacher feedback:

Day 1:

"So interesting. A brilliant session. Really helpfull. I will definatly use the techniques I learnt, with my students". Sarah Lacey.

"So helpful and would like to use them in my classes." Lela

"Very helpful and relaxing, definetly try those tecniques gained. Thank you." Jane

Day 2:

"Exellent tutorial, learnt a lot. Thanks!"

"Fantastic, came out the session so relaxed." Julia Singleton

"Very relaxing, it made me aware of me, how I feel and of inner feelings."

"Fab, felt like a holiday."

"Came in feeling stressed, and left feeling completely relaxed and stress free!" Kevin Harmond- Teacher and learning developement manager

"Very helpful introduction to yoga and meditation.Thank you"

"Feeling so relaxed and spirits uplifted. Thank you so much Iv'e learnt how to breathe." Paula James- Learner Services.


Worthing Spectrum


A lecture group for those intrested in alternative subjects.

A fascinating talk was given by Janette on Hypnotherapy. Also the Ultradian Rythms & their role in wake, sleep, dreaming states and our learning facility.

"Janettes' presentation was interactive, lively and she made it very intresting. Obviously most knowledgable about her subject, but didn't blind us with science! I learned a lot, my attention was held throughout the talks and practical excersises. An excellent evening, very enjoyable."

Janet Hearn, Worthing

" I want to thank you again for your talk, our members found the subject extremely intresting and everyone throughly enjoyed the evening."

Annette Seaman, Chairwomen - Spectrum





As part of the schools' activity days Janette was asked to hold 2 yoga days.

"It's so evident that relaxation promotes increased IQ, attention, concentration, confidence & reduces ADHD, anxiety & stress."

The teacher & student comments say it all !


"Janette is an excellent teacher, unfailingly positive and encouraging, and her yoga philosophy really shone throughout the day.  She was sensitive to the mood and needs of the group, adapting the programme as necessary so that students got maximum benefits.  Students' feedback was very positive."


Mrs L Rannie, Maths Teacher


"I had such a good time and feel so relaxed and happy, thank you!! x"

"Thank you for a great day! I have really enjoyed learning and doing yoga"

"It was very calming and intresting to find out that yoga can energise us"

"I felt it was a lovely and relaxing that will help me to de-stress in the future"

"Great intro to yoga,well thought through and lovely"

"I like the breathing excersises as it was very peaceful"

"Ilike the relaxations, as you could go into your own zone and relax"

"It was relaxing and I was able to concentrate more"

"Thank you very much for spending time with us!"