Client Testimonials


Weight & Emotional Eating

"I had some hypnotherapy sessions with Janette over 10 years ago, and I still find that I am no longer drawn to emotional eating.  If I have a bad day, the thought doesn't even enter my head to comfort myself with food.  Its been an enormous breakthrough - and a permanent one."

Lesley Raphael, Worthing


"The improvements  from that 90min last week are 99%. It has changed the life I thought I'd have to live with. It's amaizing"

Sophie Worthing


“I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. The longer it is since I stopped smoking, the more marvellous it seems. If I, a hardened smoker can stop just like that, anyone can. For ever in your debt. Best wishes”
Barbara Grant, Worthing


Flying Phobia
“I would like to say how grateful I am for what you have done for me. I can honestly say I am so pleased I came to see you. I would certainly recommend you to anyone, your true professionalism is second to none. Leading up to the flight, I felt perfectly fine and on the flight I felt relaxed. I have also found your breathing exercises are great help in stressful moments. Thank you and good luck for the future.“
Paul Best

"Came out of first session with no cravings whatsoever. Was totally amazed. Not craved a cigarette since and have a totally positive and in control feeling. Fantastic feeling- Would highly recommend."
Mrs S Tutt, Worthing

Fertility Support

"Hi Janette, I just want to thank you for what you have done for me. On my 3rd and last IVF treatment I was desperate and scared. You introduced me to the concept of "disfuctional cellular memory and reprogramming", -- an unconscious response of negative thoughts indirectlyeffecting my body (womb). I'd never heard of this, but it was spot on and I really believe it helped the IVF to be successful. I now have a beautiful baby girl."

Liz, Poling

Dental phobia
“Having not been to a dentist for 18 years, one session with Janette reduced my anxiety immediately. It was incredible. Brilliant. Such a huge relief, I still can’t quite believe it!"
Kerry Hall, Worthing

Sport Enchancement

" Thank you Janette for helping me to win the sussex county championships. Your mind coaching has been an enormous help. I'm really thinking in a champion way now, thanks to you! The tape is keeping me movitaved and on-track, and the possibility of the 2012 Olympics seems evermore possible!"


Weight Loss
“It kept me focused and I had none of the old cravings at all. I lost 23 pounds.”
Sandra Southwick

Weight Loss

"Janette helped me to understand & accept therapy, it now made sense of a lot of things so I now have a healthy perspective. I am loosing weight- lost half a stone already! "

Yasmin, Worthing

Anxiety / Depression
“Even before first session, Janette helped me with advice on the phone and written material by post. She set about teaching me easily learnt techniques that have brought improvements, control and eventually banish the symptoms. I strongly recommend others with anxiety/depression to seek Janette’s help”
Charles, Worthing

“Thankfully, Janette has heard of pattern matching and in 3 sessions, I got back control of my life and emotions. As a result, I got back a valued relationship."
Mike Heffron, Worthing


"During the 1st session Janette quickly identified the problem, and how best to treat it, something others have failed to do in the past. Since that day I feel stronger and most importantly balanced. Janette has unlocked potential inside of me that would never have been realised if I hadn't visited her. I cannnot praise her ability as a therapist too highly, she has literally helped change my life."

Andrew, Worthing

“After only 2 sessions I felt my life finally made sense. I would describe this journey like someone picking up the last remaining pieces of a lost puzzle and completed the picture. I am truly thankful to Janette in helping me over my mental hurdles.”
Karen Crane, Worthing

Stress / Sleep
“Thank you for making me sleep again. My life is so much better after just 3 sessions”
Bernanda Finnissy, Worthing

“I feel so much better since I learnt self hypnosis with Janette. It’s wonderful I can sleep again."
Fiona Mellors, Worthing

Janette has been very patient and understanding with my stressful problems. I would sincerely recommend her as she treated me in a calming and peaceful way“
A.Potten, Worthing


"Previously only 1-2 hours per night. After 1 session- slept through for 7 hours, despite my resovations. I was impressed."


Exam nerves

With your help the exam went brilliantly! I spoke calmfully and confidently just ike we rehearsed. So thank you very much, and will reccomend you to those I feel would benefit from you."

Kaleigh Chalay, Worthing

Interviews/ confidence

“ Just to say thank you for your help...again! At the interview, I was calm confident and myself, which is exctally what we discussed- 3 days later I got the job!!! So once again thank you for your help and self hypnosis"

Kaleigh Chalay, Worthing

Driving test
“After one session with Janette, I passed my 7th driving test! Freedom!”
Isobel Shirwood, Worthing

Gym performance

" Thank you very much for your help with Abigail, you quickly put her at ease and I could see the transformation in front of me. You taught her EFT which she has used to calm herself down and enhance her performance. We came of the session with Abigail saying. "Wow, that was amazing." She's back to really enjoying her gymnastics."

Beth Jaques, Worthing


Moth phobia
“It happened so quickly, moths don’t bother me at all now.”
Isobel Howard Jones. Barnham

Confidence/New Job
“I felt – Yes, I can do this. I held my head high and months later, confidence has continued in all areas.”
Anne Billborough, Worthing

“Thank you so much for the results. I now feel a much healthier and happy person with loads more energy."
Cheril Faulkner, Worthing

Family therapy
“Thank you for your help and reassurance, I would certainly recommend your services.”
Pam Whitehouse, Worthing

ADHD/Nutritional advice
“Thank you for your wonderful help with my son Max. You were recommended for your understanding and expertise in child behaviour and diet. Max is a much happier boy and his teachers are amazed by the significant change. I am so grateful. All the very best.”
Nina, Martin and Max, Brighton

“I am so pleased and thankful I found you. Not only are you a Hypnotherapist and psychotherapist but a yoga instructor too! You have really helped me on many different levels, so easy to talk to and you explain everything in a easy to follow way. Your home is relaxing, calm and peaceful. With all your skills, help and guidance, I feel I can now get on with my life in a positive way”.
Elizabeth Lucas, Worthing


"Despite being bit skeptical about the Hypnotherapy method to stop smoking, I stopped after just 2 sessions with Janette. It has made a great change to my life. thank you very much. Totally recommended."

Dentist. Worthing


"Having been a smoker for 25years, Janette has 'freed' me from the cycle 7 helped me feel normal & to live life stress free from cigerettes. I feel fitter & healthier than Ive felt for years. Thank you"

Joe Wilkinson

“I found your methods for giving up, to be very successful. After 40 years of smoking, you have managed to break the circle. Many thanks Janette. Yours sincerely.”
Graham White, Goring

“I am very much free from smoking. I still find it hard to believe I‘ve remained stopped and how much easier it has been thanks entirely to you. Thank you so much."
Georgina Rickwood. Worthing

“I encountered a complete detachment and total disassociation in just 2 sessions."
Name withheld

“I chain smoked right up to the end, I cannot

emphasize enough to any smoker willing to listen. After literally one visit, I never smoked again and I am back in control of my life.
” Mrs Ann Grant, Worthing


“It has been several months since I attended your clinic and your treatment was extremely effective. Thank you. No withdrawals or anxiety and free of cigs. I have recommended your services and should continue to do so for smoking and other conditions. Please do not hesitate for a verbal reference when needed.“
Steve Murray, Managing Director of Dial a Hubby

Anxiety / Insecurities
“I underwent of course of sessions with Janette in November 2008 for anxiety, panic attacks and trust issues. Janette identified the areas I needed to focus on and after only 2 sessions I felt like my life finally made sense, I now feel comfortable and secure with who I am and am able to accept others without judgement. I would describe this journey like someone picking up the last remaining pieces of a lost jigsaw puzzles and completing the picture. I am truly thankful to Janette for helping me over all my mental hurdles.“
Kathie Crane, Worthing

“After 11 weeks of being a smoke free zone , I write to thank you for it . As I told you I had tried other methods but none had been as successful as yours has been . I would recommend your treatment to anyone who wishes to stop smoking . “
Bill, Worthing

“Hi , Janette , just a quick note to say it is now exactly a year ago I came to see you to help me give up smoking . Well it worked as I have not had a cigarette since then. Thanks again and further success in the future.“
Bill Rawlings, Worthing

Smoking / sleep

"Janette taught me breathing tecniques and self hypnosis which enabled me to sleep.

I had counselling before, but found Janettes' approach much more helpful, gave me insight and enabled me to stop smoking. I am happy to reccomend Janette to anyone."

Name withheld



"I contacted Janette following a recurrence of distrubing nightmares , it contributed to my fear of being alone at night. Following just one session my anxiety has been completely eradicated. I'm in no doubt of the power of this method of healing."


Child Bereavement
"To fix some problems you have to sometimes think outside of the box. Having been to a GP on several occasions to get through this dark time, I gave up on what the NHS had to suggest and tried to find something other than different pills that were being offered. Finding Janette and starting various therapies and meditation has been a big help through a very difficult time in my life, I'm in a much better place thanks to Janettes' hard work. Thank you Janette."

Stefan Cory- Angmering

Client Referal

"I happily and regularly refere clients to Janette for additional support. Her expansive knowledge, unique skills & ideas add a vital support system to my own approach in therapy. This combination results in multi-dimensional success- fast."

Xtine- at Urlife- Worthing


Janette also advises on Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Child Behaviour and ADHD