What is Hypnotherapy?



We create our future with the most powerful tool nature gave us – our imagination.

Our imagination is literally a reality simulator. Hypnosis, otherwise known as guided use of the imagination, helps create the future you want in a pleasant, natural and re-assuring way.

Therapeutic hypnosis is a pleasurable deep state of relaxation that one can leave at will. If absorbed in a good book, film, music or even an anxiety attack, one is said to be in a hypnotic or trance state.

The therapy room is inviting, private and very comfortable. You will be treated in a friendly, professional, confidential way.

Hypnosis accesses the REM state that occurs naturally every 90 minutes throughout our lives. This is the creative faculty that glues new learnings/ patterns into place. Lets use it for the good!

With relaxation, guided imagery and metaphors, the REM (rapid eye movement) is activated. This lays down new patterns and expectations for your preferred future, that the unconscious mind seeks to complete in reality.

Energy Medicine

Emotions are a form of energy. This energy manifests itself in the body in the form of dis-ease. For example a bad shoulder or upper back is often due to being weighed down by someone or something, or a burden we are carrying. A stomach ulcer could be something eating away at you that you havn't resolved yet. Release the emotion, resolve the problem and the physical is restored.

Cellular Memory

We know organ donors can pass charcter traits on thorugh their organs. Cellular memory can also be inherited genectically, become a learned behaviour through repetitive thought, expectation or belief. Every cell in your body has its own intelligence, and all work synchronistically with each other. Cells hold memory of their 'role' and also hold 'emotional memory' that is not always productive and healthy. Janette has created the DOCMAR 'Model'- Dysfunction of Cellular Memory and Reprogramming. EMDR, EFT, Hypnosis and guided visualisation can also restore and reprogramme cellular memory into a more healthy, desirable production.



EMD (eye movement desensitisation) principally approaches & removes the problem at a neurological level. It is bi-lateral stimulation  of communication between the left (logical) side of brain &  the right ( emotional) side of brain. It desensitises emotions that were appropriate for the past but are now outdated & unhelpful. EMD therefore won't remove emotions that are still needed & helpful.
EMD works on 'specifics' like an early memory,a recent event, flashbacks, nightmares, any trigger that creates an undesirable emotional response, conditioned beliefs, trauma & any dysfunctional memory. 
EMD undoes the scientifically researched & proven 'emotional clusters' that lay within the neurological networks of the brain. These 'clusters' are at the root of  many problems. Each time one thinks in a particular way the clusters grow, re-enforcing the problem. Since the REM (rapid eye movement) is triggered during the process (this can be observed in someone asleep- dreaming or when in hypnosis), the REM first accesses the old information within the 'clusters' & 'neutralises' them by  creating a new 'cluster of neurons' containing updated information.
The client is participant during the  entire process & most people feel a weight has been lifted from them or a slate has been cleaned. Janette will be happy to treat you to this natural, easy & fast method for your wellbeing.




EFT  principally approaches & removes the problem at both the cellular & psychological level. It often works when nothing else has. It helps not only psychological problems but physical ones too. It is at the forefront of the new healing movement. 
EFT can remove physical symptoms of traumas (emotions that have become trapped within the physical body). 
EFT CAN HELP: weight loss,addictions,pain, sleep, procrastination, any performance- exams, public speaking, relationships, trauma, anxiety, panic, depression, eating disorders,confidence, self esteem & just about anything. It is an astoundingly fast & easy process which Janette can give you specific instruction on how to use for your own continued healing & positive change..



How Does EFT Work?

It relieves symptoms by tapping with fingertips within a scientific routine, on a series of points on the body,usually face & hands. At the same time, unhelpful emotions are verbalised. The tapping corresponds to acupuncture points on energy meridians. There is often a 'blockage' in these meridians that the tapping relieves, creating a 'flow' within the meridians & a balance within the brain. Tapping around the neo (new) cortex of the brain- the forehead area, whilst verbalising the desired emotions can install more helpful emotional responses & ways perceiving. EFT is used by Paul McKenna & some of the worlds leading therapists. Let Janette help you clear out the old & replace with the new.