Indian Head Massage & Reiki

Deep relaxation, guided visualization & Indian Head Massage with aromatherapy scents will leave you feeling emotionally & physically better!

  • A 'taster' treatment is offered for just £5 for 15mins, for both Reiki & Indian Head Massage. 10% reduction for 3 full treatments booked!
  • On both treatments, essential oils can be used, deepening the experience.

Indian Head Massage ...

It can be invigorating and relaxing, it can be both subtle and deep.

Indian Head Massage is an ancient therapy based on the Ayurvedic system of healing that has been practised in India for thousands of years. It incorporates the shoulders, upper arms, neck, face and head.

It involves different techniques of touch and massage and is deeply restorative, relaxing, giving clarity and stillness to the mind, improves circulation, perceptions, headaches, stress, anxiety, sleep & so much more.

It has a variety of physical and psychological benefits and generally assists the body in self healing. The recipient is fully clothed and sitting up or laying down.


Made perfect for YOU

Because everyone is different we will have a short assessment so you will get exactly what you want out of your treatment. Along side the traditional methods,  your Indian head massage is adapted to suit you - it is not just the same standard treatment for everyone.

Why not try the 15 minute taster and discover for yourself the wonders of this ancient deep relaxation technique.


Cost : £25 half hour or £40 1 hour.

For more details please contact me, call 07904130446 or email

Reiki ...

We are energy & we live in energy.

Stress, illness, negative thoughts, emotions & life generally can create blockages in the energy systems in our bodies such as the Chakras, meridians & the auric field surrounding the body. With the recipient laying down, fully clothed & deeply relaxed, the Reiki therapist is a channel through which the universal life force can flow freely into the recipient.


Reiki is a safe, comforting, natural healing method.

This creates a window of opportunity for the natural intelligence of the body's cells & systems to 're-organize ' themselves to a more balanced & healthy condition. It is a deeply relaxing natural experience that can only do good.

Your treatment will be even more than the traditional Usui system of Reiki Healing. Being an Intuitive I discuss what I'm experiencing & what is being transmitted from your body. I also give solutions for you to work with. Most people have been amazed at how I have picked up on things I could never have known about & the solutions have really worked!


Experience this for yourself & if I'm not right, then you don't pay!

Cost : £30 for 40minute treatment or £40 for 1hour

For more details please contact me, call 07904130446 or email


Taster treatment, only £5 for 15 mins available!

Please call 01903 216 492 to arrange an appointment.