Medititation is for anyone who wishes to relax and enjoy inner peace.

Meditation harvests meaning, clarity and richness into our lives

Meditation doesn’t create calmness, it is a ‘means’ of accessing our inner pre-existing calm. Meditation cultivates inner virtues and positive qualities, helping us to reach our potential as compassionate, loving and giving human beings.

The mind is like a cross section of the ocean. There are waves and turmoil at the surface, but deep down there is calm, clarity and silence exists .


There are numerous practices to lead one into meditation. Together we will find the ones that resonate with you.

Meditation is a relaxed awareness and can be a focus or concentration on anything that reveals the inner calm by doing very little. Watching and allowing thoughts come and go enables the mind to settle and draws one closer internally to who and what we are. Once connected with the subtle yet powerful self within, our potential for inner peace and joy, wisdom, fulfillment, unconditional love and enlightenment can be attained.

We try to find happiness from other people, things or places. This can be unrealiable or temporary, we become vunerable, fearful and forever 'searching'. These qualities for our lives that we search for externally, already lie within us.

We are that which we are searching.

Meditation helps keeps one in the ‘now', creates discipline within the mind and stops unhelpful ruminating about the past or future.

It induces the alpha state, 10 minutes meditation can equate to 1 hours sleep! It releases endorphins to feel calm, confident, more positive, energized and refreshed.

"As nutritious food is for the physical body, meditation is for the soul."

Benefits of Meditation

• Reduces stress, anxiety and depression
• Clears the chattering mind
• Calms the emotional brain, allowing for flexibility and creative thinking
• Lowers blood pressure
• Decreases risk of heart disease
• Improves immune system
• Increases vitality and sense of wellbeing
• Improves sleep
• Creates space for your spiritual connection, growth and understanding
• Helps one get in touch with their true identity and developes self realisation


“Meditation has allowed me to take control of my mind and find inner peace”

Christine Pirrie, Goring

"Janette has helped me enormously with several things including Buteyko Breathing, which has brought me to a genuinely quiet place.    
Emotional Freedom Technique has freed up past fears and challenged my way of thinking from negativity and fear, to positivity and gratitude, awareness and mindfulness.    
I have used her CDs for guided meditation and successful relaxation.
As a teacher, Janette is very aware of one's problems. She listens carefully and gives techniques to help us through into a spiritual life. She is very pleasant and open. It is a pleasure to be a student.

Anthea Rogers, Worthing

"Thank you for a truly enjoyable Transcendental Meditation Course excellently delivered in a friendly manner making us all feel at ease.

I found it interesting and facinating and can throughly reccomend it."

Ann Huckerby, Worthing




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