Your problem is addressed and most importantly, the pattern creating and holding it in place is identified and changed. This is achieved with the latest up to date approaches and understanding of the human being and brain. Then one is free to move swiftly forward with their lives.

No need for ‘psychobabble’ or reliving traumatic memories- just practical, fast, effective help.

The brain can't distinguish imagination and reality, either way you feel the emotion!

Janette's therapy can change the neurological pathways (these are re-enforced every time you think the same thought.) These create our habitual thinking styles, addictions, fears, anxieties, phobias etc. More beneficial and helpful neurological pathways (thinking habits) are created giving you the thinking and being you desire.

It is not what life throws at us ,but our attitudes and responses that determine the emotional outcomes. Cognitive behavioural therapyhelps address this.

Solution focused therapy has been proven to free people of their problems and place them well on the road to change in a minimum of sessions.

You will leave feeling understood and inspired with a wealth of insight, ‘tools’ and a more positive outlook.