Self Hypnosis



Your Mind Can Be Your Best Friend Or Your Worst Enemy!

You can create your future with your mind....

Ever imagined something going wrong and it does? Then saying-“See, I knew that would happen!” This misuse of the imaginative faculty (self hypnosis facility) lays at the root of much anxiety, perception, disfunction and dis-ease.

To use this faculty positively, self hypnosis is easily learnt in just a few hours. You can be assured with Janettes' expertise and 11 years experience, you will be eqipped with a valuable skill for life.

It is effective at quietening a chattering mind and is a pathway to relaxation, quality sleep and your preferred future.

Self hypnosis can empower you by uncovering your hidden skills to improve your life. For example, create more confidence and self worth, improve interview, exam, sports, public speaking, in fact, any type of performance. It can help reduce addictions, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Be empowered and reassured with this natural faculty. Used with EFT (tapping technique) you can look forward to an even faster change.





"I have found your new hypnosis CD very helpful, creating positive thoughts!"

Lindsey Worsfold






Get Changed


Self Hypnosis


Learn a powerful natural technique that will help you break free from old habits and patterns

Your mind is a reality simulator - ever imagine something going wrong and it does? If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

Get Changed... My SELF HYPNOSIS workshop will help you start doing things differently which can create powerful changes in things like self confidence, anxiety, performance, your relationships, sleep problems and more.


Hi, I’m Janette, a qualified Hypnotherapist with 14 years experience and I would love to help you Get Changed. Simply call me and we can start breaking you free from some of those unwanted habits.

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