What is Yoga?

Yoga is a coming back to yourself from the whirlwind of a fast pace life. As there are many styles of dance, there are many styles of yoga.

Yoga mean tunite, join or connect and is any philosophy or action that brings about unity of the multi layers of our existence.

Hatha is an 'umbrella' term for Yoga postures (Asanas), breathing (Pranayama) chanting, awareness & respect of own & others mind, body & soul with relaxation, meditation & holistic lifestyle. Also disipline of what you put in & out the body in the way of thoughts, words & actions. Love, compassion & inner strenght are born from Hatha Yoga. Understanding & practice of karma- what you reap you sew. Hatha Yoga is a wonderful tool for self Transformation

Janette has undergone an arduous yet rewarding journey of self transformation over the last 23 years & has deep integrity in helping anyone on their journey or just simply wanting to energise & relax at one of her classes.

Yoga can be a way of life and is the oldest discipline in existence- about 5000 years old.

As one becomes centred in a yoga pose (asana) one finds they become centred in other areas of their life.

Yoga is adapted for any age or ability, the very young to the very senior, the weak and frail to the very fit, pregnancy, those with ME, MS and other physical, psychological or emotional dis-ease.

Asanas are postures that rebalance body and mind, stretch the muscles releasing tension, toxins and trapped energies. They give your body definition and improve posture, leaving one more supple with a positive energy.

Yoga is an integral part of many stress management programmes and helps develop self awareness which is a preventative for much disease and malfunction.

Yoga ethics are of non violence, non stealing, non greed, truthfulness, purity, practice and study, contentment, self realisation and discipline.


Hatha yoga

Combines breath awareness with asanas , which, being slow and precise, encourage self awareness, leaving you energised, relaxed and balanced and more intune with who you are as a person.


One 2 One Yoga

One to one yoga gives you quality, individual attention and a personal programme plan. The sessions are tailored specifically for your personal requirements, so you gain the utmost benefit.

The yoga room is bright , warm, cosy and inviting. There is usually soft, soothing music, candles and incense, all conducive to a wonderful yogic experience. The new Garden Cabin is a wonderful space for 1 2 1 classes.




Free Taster Yoga Session

Please call 01903 216 492 to arrange an appointment.